The Lifelong Readers Research Report
The Lifelong Readers Research Report, which will be published here in October 2012, summarizes most important findings in the field and reaches conclusions about the best ways to design and implement whole-school reading promotion programmes. The undergoing LiRe research review finds that most research results support the conclusions formulated by Ross, McKechnie and Rothbauer:

What the research shows is that people become readers by doing lots of reading of extended text; that what motivates novice readers is the pleasure in the reading experience itself; and that libraries, schools and communities need to support pleasure reading by making the books accessible, by helping readers choose books, by celebrating and modeling the love of reading, and by creating communities of readers--either face-to-face or in an electronic environment--who share the excitement of books. (2006: ix)

Implementation Reports
Implementation reports will be uploaded here in the summer of 2013; they will list observations, conclusions and suggestions after implementation is completed in each participating country.

Implementation Reports in all languages