Specific Objectives of the Project

The project's specific objectives are:

  • To provide stakeholders with samples/models of successful reading promotion programmes.
  • To communicate to stakeholders research results regarding reading promotion, as well as guidance through a series of Guiding Principles, Strategies and Approaches, to be used when designing and implementing a reading promotion programme.
  • To compile and assort a large number of proposed reading promotion actions, from which a school will be able to select and adjust the ones it finds most appropriate for its context and the designing of its own reading promotion action plan.
  • To provide primary school administrators, librarians and teachers with access to a large and multifaceted body of sources and resources that will help them in their efforts to build quality reading promotion programmes. Academics and teacher trainers will also benefit, in their efforts to develop this academic field and train teachers in reading promotion.
  • To facilitate efforts to train teachers, librarians, and administrators in reading promotion.
  • To train together and encourage collaboration between all three categories of school staff, promoting the exchange of ideas and knowhow between them.
  • To communicate the need for whole-school collaboration in reading promotion programmes and develop school staff’s ability to do so.
  • To take the first practical steps towards the right direction, by training primary school staff in reading promotion, in all partner countries.
  • To develop and make widely available relevant evaluation tools, both to identify where students and schools stands in relation to reading for pleasure and to evaluate the effectiveness of implemented reading promotion programmes.
  • To push things forward by implementing reading promotion programmes in primary schools in all partner countries and reporting observations and conclusions.