The project’s specific objectives are:

  • To combat low levels of literacy and engage at-risk students in reading and academic learning.
  • To provide innovative pedagogical methods, best practice guidelines, and strategies towards systemic use of ICT for reading promotion.
  • To empower all stakeholders to use innovative ICT-based educational practices and resources in enhancing people’s reading attitudes, reading engagement, and reading skills.
  • To inspire, guide, and facilitate the creation of reading cultures, communities through the use of Web 2.0 technologies.
  • To implement ways in which technology can encourage reading for pleasure and engagement in various settings, and for diverse readers

The LiRe2.0 consortium pursues all of the above through the following specific activities:

  • To author, publish, and present a handbook on reading promotion through ICT.
  • To design, deliver, and evaluate LiRe2.0 training modules for reading promoters.
  • To pilot, implement, and evaluate ICT-based reading promotion programmes.
  • To produce and present illustrative LiRe2.0 case studies.
  • To organize and participate in relevant conferences.
  • To create and administer a website on reading promotion through ICT.
  • To set in place dissemination and exploitation strategies that will ensure the impact and sustainability of LiRe2.0 products and outcomes.